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Do I need any special equipment for this service?
All you need is a phone to record your calls. You can record your calls from anywhere.

How is this used as a Listing Tool?
Agents pre-record the message prior to the appointment. The agent then has the seller listen to the message on their home phone at the appointment. While the seller is listening to their message, the agent’s phone will ring with a text message of the buyer’s name, address, city, state and phone number.

Does 800InfoHomeLine charge for name and address match?
A: No, it’s included in our service. Most competitors charge 8¢ to 10¢ per look-up.

Can 800InfoHomeLine get all phone numbers?
800 Info Home Line has the most updated and sophisticated database for matching numbers and names. Unfortunately, some matches are not available.

How long is the call log available?
Call Log entries are available to you as long as your account is open. We never delete your calls.

How do I use the Call Log as a Price Reduction tool for the Seller?
Show the report to the Seller – if they’ve had too few calls or many calls but no offers, then it’s time for price reduction.